How to Use Shutha

Shutha is a free resource that aims to achieve two key goals in developing you as a photo entrepreneur. It teaches you:

  • How to sell your professional photo products and services
  • How to manage and deliver your photo products and services professionally

For this reason the material is divided up into a book and a training manual which can be seen in the menu on the left hand side of any page on the Shutha web site.

How to sell

How to sell

The 'How to Sell' book fulfils the first goal focusing on giving you the understanding of what is unique about each of the different markets for photography and how to sell to those markets. You will see that all the Chapters and Sections in this book use ochre headers. This book focuses more on what you need to know, although it does include some suggestions of what you need to do.

The Chapters of book are accessible on every page on the left hand margin. The Overview of the 'How to Sell' book introduces you to the book and then links to the chapters:

Chapter 1: Stock Overview

Chapter 2: Books Overview

Chapter 3: Prints Overview

Chapter 4: Assignments Overview

Chapter 5: Multimedia


The 'Courses' training manual fulfils the second goal giving you a clear understanding of how to manage yourself and your image collection in a professional manner, such that you can maximize the opportunities available to you in the short, medium and long-term. You will see that all the Courses and Lessons in this training manual use brown headers. This training manual focuses more on practical actions you need to do, although it does touch on some important things you need to know.

The courses are grouped into five Departments. The Introduction to Shutha Courses gives an overview of the courses and then links to each Department:

About Shutha Business Courses

About Shutha Computer Courses

About Shutha Digital Imaging Courses

About Shutha Workflow Courses

About Shutha Multimedia Courses


Before you dive into the 'How to Sell' book or the 'Courses' training manual, though, the Introduction to Photography Markets is the place to start. It will give you an understanding of the genres of photography, markets for photography, potential income streams for your work and finally an understanding of where you fit in the marketplace. Gaining this understanding is the most important step to making the most of Shutha and, even more importantly, becoming a successful photo entrepreneur.