Online Tools Lesson Plan

Shortcuts and timesavers

From keyboard shortcuts to online browsing speed-ups, there is a whole range of little tricks that will save you so much time, particularly if you have slow download speeds or poor internet connection.

Learn more about shortcuts and timesavers

Content creation and storage

Services like Googe Documents and blogging tools allow you to create content online, retrieve and share it easily, and store it safely.

Learn more about creation and storage

Database management

A good database is one that is easy to work with, safely stores all of your information, and enables you to communicate most effectively with your key market: those people who know you already.

Learn more about database management


We explore ways of getting your material out, from e-mail systems and storage, to the sending of large files, to providing viewing and download abilities to clients.

Learn more about distribution

Information gathering

Today's technology enables us to be better-informed than ever, with the least amount of effort.

Learn more about information gathering