Branding and Identity

On this page you will read about the inportance of consistent branding for marketing your photography business.

Brand name
Brand-name consistency

Brand name

As a photographer your brand name is likely to include your own name, but you can also associate a phrase with your name that becomes a part of your branding for example Ebenezer Agyei - Ghanaian photographer.
Keep it simple, memorable and unique to you. Your branding should follow on from your thinking on exactly what product and market niche your are aiming at, or may simply be your name.

If you do not already have a brand name, use this opportunity to build your brand name around a good keyword which will help your online marketing. Read the section on keyword selection under SEO now instead of later. Do some checks on google to see that your name is not already common.

Make sure you always have your name written in the same way and if your name is Joe Bloggs, look at ways to make that more unique and searchable on the web.

Brand-name consistency

Whatever name, logo and colours you choose, the most important part is consistency. Rather avoid using a logo at all if you cannot get it onto everything you produce.  Keep it simple but consistent.

Some of the places where you need to be consistent with your branding include:

  • emails
  • quotes, invoices and statements
  • your website
  • your blog
  • social media
  • communications like newsletters that you send out
  • printed marketing material
  • business cards
  • letterheads and stationary