Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shutha?

Shutha (pronounced: shoota) is a free online resource aimed at enabling those in the Majority World who are producing professional photography and multimedia content to:

  • understand photography markets and sell to them
  • conduct themselves professionally
  • deliver a professional product
  • build a long-term archive of their work that brings increasing returns over time


In short, Shutha empowers photo entrepreneurs in the Majority World!

My internet connection is really slow. Is there any way I can get the resource on DVD?

We realise that many of us have very slow internet connections or we are having to connect from expensive internet caf├ęs. Because of this, we have made a plan to produce a DVD of this resource which is available at a minimal administration and postage cost.

Email us for more information:

Please bear in mind that Shutha is constantly being updated and so you will need to keep coming back to for the latest information.

If I have Shutha on DVD can I share it with my friends and colleagues?

We want the Shutha resource to be used as widely as possible so we are making it available to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license.

This means that you can freely make copies for your friends and colleagues and they can make copies for their friends and colleagues. What you do need to do though, is acknowledge who created the resource and you can only give it away, you cannot sell it. 'Freely you have been given, freely give.' We would really love it if you linked as many people as possible back to the online resource so that we can keep it going, continually updating it and bringing you the latest insights into photo markets.

Are there Shutha courses that I can attend?

We realise that for many working photographers, attending a physical class and learning what is presented in this resource in a hands-on manner is the best way to grasp and retain what you need to know. If that is you, and you would like to find out about Shutha-related masterclasses that may be run in your area, or even better, if you are part of a group that is prepared to host a Shutha masterclass, please get in touch with David Larsen on +27-33-345-9445 or on Please bear in mind that the costs of running physical courses and the trainers need to be covered, either through course fees or funding.

Is there anyone who can help me as I work through Shutha online?

For many of you, having a guide to take you through materials and ensure that you stick to deadlines is the best way to learn. Recognizing this, from time to time we do run online mentoring on a paid-for basis. To find out when the next group will be starting, please contact Dominique le Roux on

Do I get a certificate for my efforts in working through Shutha?

The short answer to this is 'no'. The longer answer is, if you do complete an online mentoring course or you attend our Shutha related masterclasses, then yes, you do get a certificate.

What are my options if I want to study further?

We recognize that there may be some who are starting out as professionals and want to study further toward a degree or a post-graduate qualification in this area. While Africa Media Online, as the custodian of this resource, does not provide further education, we can point you to programmes at various universities and institutions that we believe offer quality accreditation in this area. If you are interested in knowing more, please email for a list of potential training providers.