Minimum camera raw settings

Figure 1 If you view only one movie on this page, this is the one, particularly if speed of production is important to you.

Keeping tonal range flat

Figure 2 This movie will help you keep your tonal range flat.

Direct sunlight

Figure 3 This movie teaches you about working with images captured in direct sunlight.

Indirect sunlight

Figure 4 This movie teaches you about images exposed to indirect sunlight.

Non-indirect sunlight

Figure 5 This movie teaches you about images exposed to non-indirect sunlight. Watch to find out what on earth that is!

Highlight string

Figure 6 This movie not only teaches you what a highlight string is, but how to deal with them. 

Shadow highlight

Figure 7 This movie discusses shadow highlights and how to deal with them.

Adding weight to highlight

Figure 8 This movie will teach you how to add weight to a highlight.