Website Colour Profile Errors

Images are usually archived in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. Some photographers may use wider spaces, such as ProPhoto, or even a scanner colour space. But since most websites, and many colour monitors are not colour managed, then any image viewed on the web will not be seen in the correct colours.

FIGURE 1  The sRGB colour space will generally show images at their best on most colour monitors.

It is also likely that most website managers will strip out any image profiles, along with other extras such as metadata, to help keep file sizes as small as possible. The result is a general dulling of colours, with the reds suffering the most. As a result, to show off web images at their best, they need to be converted to the sRGB colour space first as this is closest to most monitors. 

When saving web images, use Save As and clear the ICC profile tick box (the Save for Web function will do this automatically).  They will still be in the sRGB colour space, even without profiles. It is then up to the quality of everyone’s monitors as to how well the images look on the website, but at least the sRGB colour space will ensure they are close to the originals.

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